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Cause of Death globally is Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)
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CVD deaths in Africa annually
Premature CVD deaths in Nigeria
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Life expectancy in Nigeria


It takes one heart to
save many

Africa is a continent blessed with vast human and natural resources but has arguably the poorest health indices in the world. There is a dire lack of well-trained health care professionals with the resources to provide high quality care to the populace. 

This scarcity is magnified in cardiovascular health. This imbalance is further amplified by the persistent brain drain resulting in the constant loss of the few professionals trained on the meager resources to first world countries. 

RHF was formed against this backdrop to address these issues by mobilizing resources to improve the quality of cardiovascular health care in Africa.

200 million people live in Nigeria

Over 70% of Nigerians live on less than $1 per day

The #1 Risk Factor for CVD is High Blood Pressure

20 Million People in Africa live with High Blood Pressure