Dear Patron,

Revolving Hearts Foundation seeks your support to change the face of cardiovascular care in Africa!

Join the fight to improve cardiac care in Africa by making a donation towards the seven projects or thematic areas that we, at Revolving Hearts, are passionately working on. These projects, created to change the narrative surrounding cardiovascular healthcare in Africa, all focus on different pieces to the puzzle with the last piece being you!

To designate your donation towards a specific project or campaign please reference which project you would like to contribute towards in the comment section when making your donation. Undesignated funds will be allocated to Revolving Hearts seven projects and/or their corresponding campaigns.

Supporting our activities is one of the most direct ways you can help transform humanity and reduce suffering. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to our foundation today.

Thank you for being our partner in the fight to even out the playing field when it comes to access, availability, and quality of healthcare around the world!

Other ways to give

Monetary donations give us the amazing ability to work towards our Mission by providing Revolving Hearts with the means to implement our programs in Africa and provide the tools and resources needed to improve cardiac care in Africa. However, there are other ways to help “Save Hearts” and at Revolving Hearts we appreciate all the help we can get!

Goods and Services

We welcome and appreciate contributions of all unused medical supplies, equipment, materials, PPE, and bio-medical devices and goods. Globally the demand for medical supplies is high leaving low-income countries like Nigeria, with limited access, further behind in the race for quality healthcare. Revolving Hearts will also benefit from the donation of office supplies, equipment, electronics, and furniture for our Revolving Hearts Wellness Centers and Cardiovascular training hubs in Africa.

Please contact Revolving Hearts at to learn about what items we are currently accepting.

Get Your Company Involved

Corporate Giving

You feel compelled to take a stance and help fight to Save Hearts in Africa, do not do it alone, ask your Employer to Join You! Leverage your Employer’s yearly donation and/or matching gift plan to have your Company Match your Donation. For Corporations, consider partnering with RHF by making a tax-deductible donation to support the projects and initiatives of RHF and in turn we will feature your company name and logo on our website and social media! Corporations can also have some fun in the workplace by conducting your own RHF fundraiser. 

Please contact Monique Mobley to learn more about our Corporate Giving partnership program.

If you wish to Donate by check, please make all checks out to Revolving Hearts Foundation and mail to:

600 Phipps Blvd NE, Suite 2611, Atlanta, GA, 30326

For information on how to donate to RHF using publicly-traded stock, gifts by will or trusts, or beneficiary designations in insurance policies or retirement accounts, please contact Monique Mobley

We are committed to Transparency and Donor Privacy

Revolving Hearts is committed to sound fiscal management and accountability when it comes to the handling of all donor funds. We honor high standards for transparency and the utilization of all funds towards our prospective projects with administrative cost allocation kept to a minimal and below standards. We also ensure that all sensitive and identifying information about our donors be kept confidential unless specifically granted permission by the donor for designated purposes.